Logic Circuit Symbols (Digital Electronic)

Electronic circuits that perform operations based on two states (1 - 0) necessary to obtain logical decisions. The logic circuits are composed of elements such as the AND gate, the OR gate, the NOT gate and other combinations of these same circuits.

Symbols of Logic Circuit (Digital Electronic)

Symbol Description Symbol Description
Logic chip, generic symbol Integrated circuit / IC
Logic chip
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  Memory, generic symbol Basic memory
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555 meter chrono symbol 555 chronometer
Timer IC
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  4 bit binary counter symbol 4 bit binary counter
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7-segment decoder symbol 7-segment decoder
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  Decadic decimal coded binary counter, BCD symbol Decadic decimal binary coded counter, BCD
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symbol of the decádico counter with 10 outputs encoded Decadico counter with 10 outputs encoded   Decoder 1 to 4 symbol Decoder 1 to 4
DAC symbol DAC / D/A
Digital to Analog Converter
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  DAC symbol DAC
Analog to digital converter
ADC symbol ADC / A/D
Analog to Digital Converter
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  Multiplexer symbol Multiplexer
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Logic adder symbol Logic adder
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  Multiplexer, 2 in 1 out symbol Multiplexer, 2 in 1 out
Semi-adder symbol Semi-adder
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  Multiplexer, 4 inputs 1 output symbol Multiplexer, 4 inputs 1 output
CPU symbol Central Processing Unit
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  1 input 4-output demultiplexer symbol 1 input 4-output demultiplexer

Display Symbols

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7 segment LED display symbol 7 segment LED display
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  Alphanumeric LED indicator symbol Alphanumeric LED indicator 5x7
e.g. letter A
16-segment alphanumeric display symbol 16 segment alphanumeric display
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