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Symbols of Amplifier Circuits

The amplifiers are electronic circuits or stages whose main function is to increase the voltage, current intensity, or the power of the signal that is applied to its input, obtaining the increased signal in the output.

Symbology of Amplifier Circuits

Symbol Description Symbol Description
Amplifier symbol Amplifier
Generic symbol
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  HF amplifier symbol HF amplifier
(High Frequency)
+ info
IF amplifier symbol IF amplifier
(Intermediate Frequency)
+ info
  LF amplifier symbol LF amplifier
(Low Frequency)
+ info
Norton amplifier symbol Norton amplifier
Operational transconductance amplifier - OTA
+ info
  Operational Amplifier symbol Operational Amplifier / Op-Amp
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Operational Amplifier symbol Operational Amplifier   Variable gain amplifier Variable gain amplifier
+ info
Schmitt-trigger symbol Schmitt-trigger
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Other symbols of electronic circuits
Logic circuits symbols (Digital Electronic)
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