Vacuum Tube Symbols

Electron tube in which is practiced a high enough pressure so that its electrical properties are not substantially modified by the ionization of residual gas or vapor. Also known as vacuum tubes and thermionic valves.

Symbology of Vacuum Tubes

Symbol Description Symbol Description
Vacuum tube, diode symbol Vacuum tube
Electronic valve
  Vacuum tube / electronic valve symbols, triode symbol Vacuum tube
Electronic valve
Double diode symbol Vacuum tube
Double diode
  Double triode symbol Vacuum tube
Double triode
Pentode symbol Pentode   Hexode symbol Hexode
Heptode symbol Heptode   Octode symbol Octode
Nonode symbol Nonode   Krytron symbol Krytron
Thyratron symbol Thyratron   Photocell symbol Photocell
Ignitron symbol Ignitron   Photocell symbol Photocell
Dissipator cold cathode symbol Dissipator cold cathode   Effluvia valve symbol Effluvia valve
Symbol of the tetrode effluvia with auxilar anode and control grid Tetrode effluvia with auxilar anode and control grid   Rectifier effluvia valve symbol Rectifier effluvia valve
Neon lamp symbol Neon lamp   Lightning Light lamp Lightning light lamp
Cathode ray tube, CRT symbol CRT - Cathode Tube Ray  

Basic Elements Symbols

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Vacuum tube, capsule, ampoule symbol Vacuum tube, capsule, ampoule   Grid symbol Grid
Anode symbol Anode   Cathode symbol Cathode
Indirectly heated cathode symbol Indirectly heated cathode   Directly heated cathode symbol Directly heated cathode
Filament / Heater symbol Filament

Pinout Vacuum Tubes

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A / P Anode, Plate   G Grip
C / K Cathode, emitter   S Screen
I Ignitor   Sup Suppressor grid
H / F Heater, Filament   Pins in a triode e.g. pins in triode

Symbols of Sockets of Vacuum Tubes

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Decal socket symbol Decal socket   Noval socket symbol Noval socket
Magnoval socket symbol Magnoval socket   Octal socket symbol Octal socket
Rimlock socket symbol Rimlock socket   Miniature socket symbol Miniature socket
Picture gallery of vacuum tubes / thermionic valves
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