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Symbols in Security Systems

The security systems are devices designed to detect and warn of any situation that is considered abnormal for the user, such as the intrusion of people, fires, presence of toxic elements, etc.

Symbols in Security Systems / Alarm Device Symbols

Symbol Description Symbol Description
Buglar alarm symbol Burglar alarm / Security alarm
+ Info
  Motion detector symbol Motion detector / Motion sensor
+ Info
Glass break detector symbol Glass break detector
+ Info
  Broken glass sensor symbol Broken glass sensor
+ Info
Infrared motion sensor symbol Infrared motion sensor
+ Info
  Ultrasonic motion sensor symbol Ultrasonic motion sensor
+ Info
Magnet of alarm symbol / Magnetic sensor Magnet of alarm / Magnetic sensor
+ Info
  Magnetic contact symbol Magnetic contact
Panic button symbol Panic button
+ Info
  Keyboard alarm symbol / Keypad Keyboard alarm / Keypad
+ Info
PIR sensor symbol PIR sensor - Passive Infrared Detector
Motion detector
+ Info
  PIR antimasking symbol PIR antimasking
PIR receptor symbol PIR receptor   PIR emitter symbol PIR emitter
PIR weathering symbol PIR weathering / PIR outdoor   Speaker / siren alarm symbol Speaker / siren alarm
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