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Symbols in Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system is a security installation that detects smoke or fire situations in the spaces that it protects through sensors, activating extinguishing and communication mechanisms.

Symbols of Fire Alarm Systems

Symbol Description Symbol Description
Fire alarm pull station alarm Fire alarm pull station   Fire alarm control panelsymbol Fire alarm control panel
Smoke detector symbol Fire alarm strobe   Fire alarm horn symbol Fire alarm horn
Fire sensor alarm Fire sensor / Automatic fire sensor
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  Alarm button symbol Alarm button / Panic button
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Smoke detector symbol Smoke detector
+ Info
  Ionizing smoke detector symbol Ionizing smoke detector
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Somke detector with alarm symbol Smoke detector with alarm
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  Flame detector symbol Flame detector
+ Info
Heat detector symbol Heat detector
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  Smoke alarm symbol Smoke alarm
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Fire warning device symbol Fire warning device
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  Siren alarm symbol Siren alarm
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