Optocoupler Symbols

An optocoupler, also called optoisolator or optically coupled isolator, is an emitting and receiving device that works like a switch that is turned on by the light emitted by a led diode that saturates an optoelectronic component.

Symbols of Optocouplers / Optoisolators / Optical Isolators

Symbol Description Symbol Description
Optoisolators / Optocoupler symbols diode / Semiconductor symbol Optocoupler / Optoisolators
Diode - Semiconductor
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  Optocoupler symbol, diode / diac Optocoupler
Diode - Diac
Two way optocoupler symbol Two way optocoupler   Optocoupler symbol, diode / transistor Optocoupler
Diode - Transistor
Optocoupler encapsulated symbol Optocoupler encapsulated
Diode - Transistor
with hollow beam for cutting
  Encapsulated optocoupler symbol Encapsulated optocoupler
Diode - Transistor
Optocoupler bidirectional LED symbol Bidirectional LED to transistor   Optocoupler LED diode to photo-diode symbol Optocoupler LED diode to photo-diode
Optocoupler Optocoupler with MOSFET symbol Optocoupler with MOSFET transistor   Opto triac with zero-cross optocoupler symbol Opto triac with zero-cross
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