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Symbols of Effects & Dependences

These symbols indicate that certain devices are susceptible to find its properties or characteristics modified by a dependency on effects or sensitivities to external elements, such as temperature, radiation, proximity, electromagnetism...

Symbology of Effects & Dependences

Symbol Description Symbol Description
Electromagnetic effect symbol Electromagnetic effect
Unit to electromagnetic fields
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  Thermoelectric effect / Thermal effect symbol Thermal effect
Thermoelectric effect
Dependence on temperature changes
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Magnetic effect symbol Magnetic effect
Dependence on magnetic fields
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  Timing effect symbol Timing effect
Proximity effect symbol Proximity effect
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  Symbol of the electromagnetic radiation Electromagnetic radiation
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Examples of use of these symbols in devices

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Electromagnetic relay symbol Electromagnetic relay
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  Thermal switch symbol Thermal switch - NO
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Overcurrent relay delayed action symbol Overcurrent relay with delayed action
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  Contact by proximity to iron symbol Contact by proximity to iron
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Radiations symbols
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