Electrical Symbols & Electronic Symbols

Collection of Electrical Circuit Symbols. All electronic and electrical diagram symbols for reference and interpretation of devices and electrical schematic diagrams

Electrical diagram symbols represents devices and components of electrical and electronic circuits. In any electronic diagram or electrical scheme the electrical drawing symbols show the different elements a multi-line or single-line graphical form.

As nowadays there is no single standard, most of the schematic symbols shown here, are represented in the main international standards.

Electronic Schematic

Electrical & Electronic Symbols

All Schematic Symbols Electrical and Electronic of yesterday and today

Electronic Circuit

Basic Electrical Symbols

Electrical diagram symbols essential for amateur and student knowledge

Electrical Symbols in PDF

Electrical Symbols in PDF

Graphic files of symbols of electrical schematic diagrams for download in PDF format

Periodic Table of Electronic Symbols

Periodic table of Electronic Symbols

Free download  this Periodic Table of Electronic Symbols showing a wide collection of electrical circuit symbols from the ten main families grouped by colors

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