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Waveform Symbols

The electric waves are electromagnetic disturbances spreaded where the intensity in any point of the medium is a function of the time and the intensity in any given instant is the function of the point position. 

Symbols of Waveforms

Symbol Description Symbol Description
Sinusoidal / sine wave symbol Sinusoidal wave / Sine wave
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  Damped wave symbol Damped wave
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Sound wave symbol Sound wave
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  Aperiodic wave symbol Aperiodic wave
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Rectangular wave symbol Rectangular wave
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  Amplitude modulated wave symbol Amplitude modulated wave
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Square wave symbol Square wave
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  Frequency modulated wave symbol Frequency modulated wave
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Saw wave / Sawtooth wave symbol Sawtooth wave / Saw wave
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  Triangular / Triangle wave symbol Triangle wave
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Wave with ramp signal symbol Wave with ramp signal   Exponential wave symbol Exponential waveform
Trapezoidal wave symbol Trapezoidal waveform      
Pulse waveform symbols
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